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Knightware released an update to SQM Reader Pro 3 on 11 Oct 2022.

Dark Sky Assessment Projects
(open to the public):

Globe At Night (moonless periods throughout the year)

Globe at Night Monitoring Network

Sky Quality Meter Software

Read Your Sky Quality Meter LE, LU, LU-DL or LR electronically!

Unihedron's Sky Quality Meter allows you to determine objectively how light pollution affects the dark the sky at your observing site. Now you can get readings from the meter remotely or locally! The Sky Quality Meter delivers a dark sky reading in magnitudes per square arcsecond. The model LE (SQM-LE) delivers readings via Ethernet connection; models LU and LU-DL use a USB port and cable, and the model LR uses a 9-pin serial port and cable.

Knightware supports Sky Quality Meters with two software products:

Knightware would like to thank Unihedron for their kind assistance while developing SQM Reader and SQM Reader Pro.

Suggested Uses

Sky Quality Meter Software Feature Matrix

Feature SQM Reader 3

SQM Reader
Pro 3

Reads SQM-LE, LU, LU-DL and LR on-demand or automatically check check
Displays reading in mag/sq arcsec (MPSAS) & naked-eye limiting magnitude (NELM) check check
Displays date & time of reading check check
Ships with multiple skins and displays properly on high resolution monitors check check
Stores reading to CSV file (SQM Reader native format) check check
Stores readings in Skyglow Standard format (see Skyglow Standard)   check
Opens and processes stored readings files (CSV, Skyglow and Unihedron Device Manager formats)   check
Supports time set, reading and erasing logged readings in SQM-LU-DL   check
Aligns automatic reading to the hour and multiples of the reading interval   check
Suspends automatic reading during twilight and/or sun up   check
Suspends automatic reading during moon up   check
Displays moon phase and altitude at time of reading   check
Displays MPSAS and NELM graphs of readings in real-time   check
Time-averages readings   check
Shows min, max, mean and standard deviation of readings   check
Stores graphs as JPEG   check
Stores reading as JPEG   check
Sends data or JPEG files to a remote FTP server   check
Sends data or JPEG files to a program, script or batch file   check
Sends data to Knightware's SQM Readings Map page   check
Sends data to the Globe at Night Monitoring Network   check
Includes online Help and examples   check